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Personal Training

We have the most affordable rates for Personal Training in Singapore!

Sessions can be conducted in the gym or at your preferred location at an additional cost. Our Personal Training sessions are 1 hour long which consist of warm up, technique, padwork, and body conditioning. Normally, students will get 5 solid rounds of padwork. On some days, the padwork session can be 10 rounds of 2 minutes or even 1 round of 20 minute, depending on the training plan. We plan every session differently to allow students to enjoy the session more. Some sessions can be fitness based, while mostly are technical based.

Who will be coaching you?

All our trainers are available for Personal Training. We will assign you a trainer who is available for your appointment. The rates for all the trainers are the same. However, if you want to have the sessions with any one of our trainers of your choice, you may inform us and we will make the arrangement for you. The trainer will be in charge of your sessions throughout your package.

How do I make arrangements for Personal Training?

You can WhatsApp Coach Mus directly at +65 94560027 for queries or bookings on Personal Training. You will be briefed on what to prepare for your first session.

You can also book for a trial session with Coach Mus here!

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