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About PFG Muay Thai

Get to know us

Located in Balestier Point, close-by Bendemeer, Toa Payoh & Novena, we are Singapore's friendliest gym. 

PFG Muay Thai started as Prime Fight Gym back in 2017. It has since evolved into the Muay Thai power house that it is now, with classes going all day long. With 4000 sq feet, you will have plenty space to perfect your boxing, kicking, knees and elbows - all in a positive and friendly environment.

We cater for all levels; from first timers all the way up to fighting at pro level, with our PFG Fight Team. Your goals are our goals.

Relax - you're home now.

Coach Mus

Founder & Fight Coach

Coach Mus grew up in a family of silat practitioners and was introduced to silat by his father at a very young age. CM fell in love with the martial art after understanding the beauty of the movements and the hidden meanings behind every step.

Being active in silat, CM first competed in kickboxing competition at the age of 15 years old representing his silat club.


At the age of 18, CM decided to try out a different art in search of more knowledge, and that is where he founded Muay Thai, a beautiful art of eight limbs. His coaching journey begins in 2013 when he decided to be a freelance trainer while working full time in the security industry. With the guidance of his trainers, CM slowly gained experience through coaching private sessions and small classes.


The passion grew even stronger as he started to take certification courses to equip himself with more knowledge, meeting more trainers to gain more coaching tips, and participating in more fight events to gain more ring experiences.


Fast forward to today, Coach Mus is the Founder and Managing Director of PFG Muay Thai, a humble gym that promotes positivity in life through Muay Thai. 

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