Muay Thai Beginner

"Great training space that reminds me of some of the Muay Thai gyms I visited in Thailand. Awesome instructors who know exactly how to push you beyond your limits. Definitely coming back for more" - Serene

Muay Thai Beginner

"Very clean gym and convenient location for all esp people living in the North/East(Tai Seng MRT just a walk away and couple of bus stops just outside). Very affordable fees, showers and water cooler just steps away from the gym as well.

Everyone is very friendly here and often the seniors will go all out to help and give valuable technique tips to the newcomers.

Lastly, the main trainers, Coach Mus and Coach Aman cares alot about your well-being and technique. They will correct your mistakes and tell you what to improve on, after every session. You won't be just asked to go hit the heavy bags. They remember you by name and if you missed a couple of sessions or just MIA for awhile, they will actually make the effort to text you and find out what happen.

SO, JOIN PFG now if you're looking to try out traditional old school Muay Thai and meet awesome people." - Yao

Muay Thai Beginner

"Clear my beer belly in a month. enough said. Friendly pple and awesome team. never stuck up and always helpful." - Alvin

Muay Thai Fighter

"Great place to do Muay Thai with the best coach ever. Whether you are looking to do Muay Thai for fitness or to be a fighter, PFG is the place to go. Join our family!" - James

Muay Thai Beginner

"Very professional and dedicated coach, at prime fight Gym you will feel like a family. everybody motivate each other. i have never tried muay thai before but when i tried the trial glass i knew i am going to join and learn something new ." - Alex

Muay Thai Beginner

"Been here for a few years and still counting. Lots of improvements in terms of gym but the only thing that remain is the atmosphere and its great, surround with friendly enviroment. That is the main reason why im still here. Just approach the trainer if any new members have a question in mind. They will be more than happy to assist you. Plus its affordable. Cheers to all the coaches and members." - Iqbal

Muay Thai Beginner

"If you like being in Thailand.. here’s the place you feel like you are training at.. friendly family ambience with great trainers that detail on technique and fitness." - Yang Ting