Muay Thai Beginner

"Great training space that reminds me of some of the Muay Thai gyms I visited in Thailand. Awesome instructors who know exactly how to push you beyond your limits. Definitely coming back for more" - Serene

Muay Thai Beginner

"Clear my beer belly in a month. enough said. Friendly pple and awesome team. never stuck up and always helpful." - Alvin

"Great place to do Muay Thai with the best coach ever. Whether you are looking to do Muay Thai for fitness or to be a fighter, PFG is the place to go. Join our family!" - James

Muay Thai Fighter
Muay Thai Beginner

"Very professional and dedicated coach, at prime fight Gym you will feel like a family. everybody motivate each other. i have never tried muay thai before but when i tried the trial glass i knew i am going to join and learn something new ." - Alex

SAVE $50


The gym will reopen on May 1st 2020. BUT! If you sign up for membership early (during April), to start in May, we will offer you a 25% discount on your membership prices. So instead of paying $200 pm when we reopen, you will only pay $150.


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