1 Box = 6 sachets


Post workout drink mix. PediaLyte is recognised the world over as the quickest & safest way to recover lost electrolytes, following a tough exercise/dieting period. Especially popular with fighters following weigh-ins. Each box contains 6 sachets. Tasty flavours

PediaLyte Electrolyte post-workout mix

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  • So, what is Pedialyte®?

    For over 50 years, it's been one of the go-to drinks for dehydration.* In fact, it's the #1 pharmacist and pediatrician recommended brand of rehydration drinks. It was originally developed as a solution to rehydrate children following illness. It is now used by the worlds top athletes, especially boxers.


    Pedialyte ingredients vs other leading sports drinks

    When your body has an electrolyte imbalance, it doesn’t absorb fluids like it should. Unlike leading sports drinks, our optimal balance of sugar and sodium is designed to help replenish fluids and electrolytes more effectively. Plus, it has zinc to support the immune system.

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