30 Servings - Vanilla Ice Cream flavour


If you train Muay Thai, your muscles will need help to recover - period! This is a tasty protein solution - to promote lean muscle recovery, without bulking (no creatine!). The USA's best seller, imported just for you!

MuscleTech Premium Gold post-workout protein powder (Vanilla ice-cream flavour)

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  • Not all proteins are created equal. And if you’re careful about the nutrients you’re putting in your body, why wouldn’t you want to make sure the same can be said about the protein you consume? Enter Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein. Everyone knows that protein is the base for building muscle and recovery. This formula hasn't gone through heat, acid or salt in the filtration process. That means you're getting a whey protein isolate and peptide formula that’s ultra clean, fast absorbing, and so smooth and delicious, you’ll want to keep guzzling away. Sweating hard in the gym is good, but recovery is even sweeter.

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