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Who the hell trains at 6am?! 

Who the hell trains six in the morning? Well, there are many actually. Many of those who prefer to start the day with a workout such as muay thai or kickboxing.

One of my personal training client, Ammy, loves working out. Apart from her twice per week sessions with me, she also does other workouts throughout the week which includes 3 strength training sessions, and also yoga. Having feeling satisfied training with me for over 4 years, she recommended a friend of hers to take up muay thai personal training with me. So we arranged a 6am session, and I will bring my big training bag where I keep my thai pads, focus mitts, and other fitness equipment to her condo located near Mounbatten. Well I also do private trainings at my gym, Prime Fight Gym, which is at Tai Seng. But some prefer to have the session at the comfort of their own premise. Last few days, I had a session with Ammy and she told me this.

How was the session with Leila yesterday. Every week, there will be a day which I see her very fresh and energetic. And when she looks that great, I know she had a session with you in the morning.And it is true. We did a session the day before. I was very happy to hear that and it really made my day.

So to many who asked me, who the hell trains in the early morning, why not you give it a try. And if you feel great throughout the day like how Leila feels, then tag along your friends. Good things must share!

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