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Sparring Tips for Beginners

When a student signs up at a Muay Thai gym, sooner or later they will get interested in learning the more advanced techniques and will want to participate in a sparring session. But most beginners do not know what to expect and what to do in a sparring session. Their mind will go blank, and they will not know what to do. Before I give you these simple tips on how to spar for beginners, do take note on these several things.

  1. Always remind yourself that you spar to learn, not to win.

  2. Never get emotional with your sparring partner.

  3. Listen to your trainers.

These tips will help you with your first few sparring sessions. In fact, it is very important for you to remember these everytime you spar.

Always be in a ready position.

Like how you shadowbox or hit the pads, you will notice that your trainers always remind you to be in your stance with your guards up, no matter what. Being in this position allows you to move any limbs of your body easily, whether it is to strike or to defend yourself, or even to move around with your footwork.

Set your range.

Having practiced partner drills during your normal classes at Prime Fight Gym, you should already be aware that your distance between you and your partner is important. You should not stand too close or too far. Work with your footwork to get into your range.

Stay calm and composed.

Staying composed helps you to maintain a lower heart rate in which you will not get tired too easily. Being nervous or scared alone will increase your heart rate level and you will feel tired faster than you expected. At the same time, staying calm will allow you to think better and be able to react to situations better.

Prioritize your defence.

In a fight, the referee's main job is to ensure the safety of the fighters. Having said that, knowing how to defend yourself is very important. Defend yourself at all times. Work on blocking the strikes thrown by your sparring partner. Learn to get the reflex to defend.

Start with simple combinations.

For a start, do not be fancy. Work on simple strikes and combinations. Throw a simple jab cross, see if your hands can actually reach your opponent. Throw a single kick and see if your partner can block it. For a start, all you need to feel is to have fun, really. Once you feel it is fun, you will start to understand and spar better. It is similar to playing a game. It is all fun, but can be competitive at the same time.

Now try out these tips! Good luck!

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