Coach Mus
Head Coach



Muay Thai Coach

"I am Coach Mus, 64kg Boxxtomoi Kickboxing International Champion. I am Coach Mus, a father of four beautiful kids. I am Coach Mus, a brother who wants to see you succeed. I am Coach Mus, your friend"


Aman is a Prime Fight Gym homebred fighter and trainer. He is a very dedicated and patient trainer, who is always willing to spend more time after classes to guide the newer members on how to improve their techniques.

Rory RzR
Muay Thai Coach
James Lim
PFG Sponsored Fighter
Assistant Coach

Rory began training at Muay Thai in Dublin, Ireland in 2006. He was the first  fighter to represent PFG at the Offensio 3 event. When he is not coaching the Muay Thai students on Friday nights, he can be seen regularly at training sessions during the week.  

His hobbies include flower arranging & commenting that he intends to get back to competitive level, just "as soon as I get my weight down a little bit"

James Lim is one of the fighters with the most experience in the PFG fight team. He has competed at muay thai and kickboxing events in Singapore and also abroad. His fighting style is close-range, fast paced & relentless - with a touch of K1/MMA background.

When he is not at the gym, James likes gaming and eating. He hates running, he really hates running!

Nicolas Leung
PFG Sponsored Fighter
Assistant Coach
PFG Sponsored Fighter
Assistant Coach

Nicolas is one of the most hardworking fighters in PFG. At the same time a very friendly and patient trainer to the members. His way of holding pads for the members is always towards fitness, making it intensive and ensuring the members use up a lot of their energy during the pad work session with him.

Nicolas is also actively fighting in local and overseas Muay Thai and kickboxing events.

Kenneth may seem harmless. But once he puts on his gloves, he turns himself into a beast. He is PFG's only sponsored fighter who has zero experience in combat sports. But what made him through the audition was his big heart.

Kenneth is actively training and still competing in local and overseas Muay Thai and kickboxing events.

Marta Magdalena
Yoga Trainer

Marta Magdalena is a dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor with over 15 years of experience as a student and almost a decade as a teacher. 
Influenced by the world-famous leaders and teachers, among others, Thich Nhat Hanh, BKS Iyengar, S.N Goenka, Sharath R. Jois, Marta has been inspiring and motivating her students to change their attitude towards life through the disciplined daily practice.

Through her own history of severe back pain as a teenager and knee injury as an adult, Marta developed a sense of understanding of the human body and compassion towards the students with limited physical abilities.

Experienced in working with clients from various sports background, and often with a history of injuries themselves, Marta tries to incorporate her knowledge of anatomy and human body to share with the students the practice suitable for their needs.

Yoga Trainer

Janna has been teaching since the age of 20 globally and is a certified E-RYT & YACEP with Yoga Alliance, US. Her dedication to the yoga industry has brought her to be nominated as one of the finalist for the Fitness Best Elite - Yoga Instructor in Asia (Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017 & 2018). Janna currently runs her yoga school in Singapore, focusing on building a new generation of mindful teachers, athletes & movers.

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