What equipment do I need?

All you need for your first few sessions are shorts and a t shirt. We have high quality boxing gloves and shinpads that are free to use. Longer term it is advisable to buy hand-wraps to avoid injuring your hands/wrists. And the regular students tend to buy their own gloves, which they keep at the gym.

Do I need to be fit?

Short answer is "no". PFG trainers will watch all our new students and ensure safety is top priority for everyone. We will push you to a level that is out of your comfort zone, to help with your fitness goals. At the same time, we will ensure you are taking sufficient breaks, and drinking enough water

I dont want to fight, can I just exercise?

Absolutely! In fact most of our students are practicing Muay thai for their own goals, such as fitness, weight loss, health & well-being as well as the sociable element of coming to the gym to spend time with your PFG friends. PFG is here to help you with your fitness goals, and whether you wish to spar/fight or not, you will get the same level of attention and commitment from our trainers as everyone else!

How much is membership/walk in session?

Walk in's are $40 per session.

Monthly membership (adult) is $200. This allows you to attend sessions every single day.

There are other classes & options. For more information see our membership section here

Can I join only the Sparring classes?
Do I need to make advance booking before attending any session?

Yes, definitely. But for sparring sessions, members are required to put on their personal shin guard. Sparring without shin guard is strictly not allowed.

There are other classes & options. For more information see our membership section here

To control the crowd size during this Covid-19 period, members are required to make an advance booking via our website to join a class. Failing to book online in advance will result in not being allowed to join the class.


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