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  • Muay Thai for all levels

    1 hr 15 min

  • Experience the training with PFG for your first time for free!

    1 hr



Please note - to comply with the current Circuit Breaker measures, we have had to apply the following restrictions.

  • All members must book their class attendance in advance. If you are not a member of PFG Muay Thai, you can book for our class and pay for the walk-in rate of $35 per session.

  • Free trials are only allowed for first timers in PFG Muay Thai. Those who have tried a session with us will not be allowed to join the free trial session.

  • Members are only allowed to book 1 session a day. Members who do not make bookings will not be allowed to join the class, if the class is full.

  • Do not make too many booking in advance. As classes are restricted to 10 people, we need to give everyone a fair chance to attend. So only book slots which you can attend. 

  • If you cannot attend your booking, you must cancel 24 hours in advance, For any cancellation of sessions, please contact 93795325. If you do not cancel in advance, your online booking rights will be disabled. We are watching - be afraid :)

  • You will receive a confirmation email upon making a booking.


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